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I'm the king of the world
is that world's queen

my happy family

Zax Fair ] is my big brother
[ Lancia ] is my adopted father

and I love them with all my heart

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myvxkirito [userpic]
SMJ loot!

Why hello there very much ignored livejournal..

It's time for some SMJ loot!!!

1) Latest Yubin releases x2 because I'd brought them and then she decided to release a postcard and the only one I could find was in a lot with the already brought comiket releases... Oh well I wanted two bags anyway... The bag is like an Eco bag which means I can actually use it ^_^ The clear file has a calendar with it, and the doujinshi are cracktasic, the copy bon is a parody of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai called Ore no Tomodachi ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. I'm not too sure what the offset doujinshi is about but it seems Cloud gets hpnotised...

2) Too little too late Black and White version finally! and a post card fro comic city.

3) Cloud stick poster from when she was celebrating the 10th anniversary of VII, now I just need the other 3 Zax ones and I'll have them all *_*

4) 2000 Yubin calendar! It's so awesomely put together I can't even describe!

5) 4 Beyblade doujinshi, an Euro only anthology! and 3 Amazing Kai x Rei doujinshi! Bliss!

I love Yahoo auctions!!!

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