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I'm the king of the world
is that world's queen

my happy family

Zax Fair ] is my big brother
[ Lancia ] is my adopted father

and I love them with all my heart

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myvxkirito [userpic]
SMJ goodies!

I can't quite explain how muc I love the stiff I received from SMJ today since I have been wanting them all for so long.

Anyway -

Everything in all it's awesome!

Yamato Escaflowne Movie ver cold cast statue (of win!)
Yubinbasya Xenogears doujinshi
Yubinbasya FF VIII Copy-bon
(the other Yubinbasya doujinshi I already had but they came in a lot with the FF VIII doujinshi so I had no choice in buying them again.)

Close up of the Escaflowne. I love it so much! Yes he is a bit (lot) Broken but I really don't care because I own him and that is all that matters to me XD

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Ahhh look at Escaflowne that's so awesome. *_____*;;;;;