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I'm the king of the world
is that world's queen

my happy family

Zax Fair ] is my big brother
[ Lancia ] is my adopted father

and I love them with all my heart

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myvxkirito [userpic]

Why hello there really badly abandoned Livejournal...

Anyhoo, on to the goodies! <3

Yubin <3Collapse )

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myvxkirito [userpic]

Why hello there very much ignored livejournal..

It's time for some SMJ loot!!!

Yubin and Beyblade doujinshi! The two best things in the world!!!!Collapse )

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myvxkirito [userpic]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is going to feature a world based on my favorite film of all time! THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Square!!!!!!!!

Now add my other favoritest film ever Treasure Planet and I may just forgive every failing you have ever had and maybe any future ones as well!!!!!

I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's apparently going to have all new worlds, so there is hope for Treasure planet!!!!


But really you don't need to do a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII now do you, go on be honest...

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myvxkirito [userpic]

Comiket goodies and other awesome from SMJ
Alice GK!!! Yubin!Collapse )

myvxkirito [userpic]

I'm now officially 21!

Yes yesterday was my birthday, and it was awesome of so many reasons, most of all presents XD
I went to Nottingham like always to spend the epic amounts of money had had been given by my wonderful family who are too awesome it hurts! And this is what me and gasara came back with:
PRESENTS!!!!Collapse )

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myvxkirito [userpic]

I can't quite explain how muc I love the stiff I received from SMJ today since I have been wanting them all for so long.

Anyway - PicturesCollapse )

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myvxkirito [userpic]

Hello there!


I HAVE IT AT LAST!! + KYUUGOU in English?Collapse )

myvxkirito [userpic]

Just what the hell was that?

My god England couldn't be any worse at football if they had no men on the pitch!

Rooney was appalling, as was practically everyone else! The only decent players were Heskey, Lennon and Calamity, and two of them got substituted!

I just can nor understand what was going on, non of them even tried, they all just seemed out of it!

If they don't win the next match I will be looking for a new nationality.

myvxkirito [userpic]

My newest stuff from SMJ arrived today (without getting stuck in customs YAY!!)

Read more...Collapse )

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